Remington 1911 R1 Commander Carry

1911Carry-3Q-RightRemington has been in the 1911 business for a long time. However, until recently, it has not produced a commander model of this firearm. Naturally, the 1911 fans are pleased about the introduction of the 1911 R1 Commander Carry. The features of this firearm, such as its shorter barrel and good looking finish will please many fans.

The new 1911 R1 has a short 4.25 inch barrel, which brings the overall length to 8.5 inches. This pistol also wears a satin black oxide finish and comes standard with a set of traditional cocobolo grips. Unlike some “commander” models from other manufacturers, the Commander Carry retains a full-size frame and thus the 7-round magazine capacity of its full-size big brother. The current MSRP for this new pistol is $1299, which is in line with offerings from many competitors.

Remington_Commander_R1Some folks never get a taste for shortened up 1911s, but many do. The idea behind the commander model is that it is easier to conceal than its longer-barreled counterparts are and as such is more useful to the general public. One reason is many people can’t walk around with their 1911 in a flap holster. The shorter sight radius and increased muzzle blast puts off some shooters, but commander models are more for self-defense at short range than plinking. When it comes to hideout guns, the size of a Commander, coupled with the muzzle energy of the .45-auto, is a combination that is hard to beat.

Because Remington has seen fit to add a commander model to its lineup, it shows a commitment to continue producing 1911s. Remington’s versions of this venerable warhorse are well-made guns with a look and feel that make them stand out in a crowded market. Personally, I hope that Remington continues to add models, as a GI model would certainly appeal to many shooters. If this firearm company begins to offer a 10mm, it wouldn’t exactly break my heart either.

Commander_Carry_R1_gripWhile the 1911 R1 Commander Carry may produce a larger muzzle blast than other 1911s, it is a bit smaller than similar firearms. However, its size allows you to conceal and carry it much easier than larger versions. It also offers a price tag around $1200, which is higher than the budget 1911s, but is reasonable when you consider the quality and functionality of this gun. Because of its size, you can carry the Commander Carry in a holster with ease, which makes a great self-defense gun.

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