New Guide Gun by Ruger

ruger-guide-gunEvery now and then I run across a firearm that I know is going to be sought after decades from now. You can just tell that some folks will get into bidding wars over these gems in the future, when they hit the used market. The Ruger Guide Gun is one of these firearms. This rifle has all the features you could want for hunting in very rough conditions, including situations where the wildlife might decide to hunt you! This piece comes chambered for the hard-hitting cartridges you’d want to use in a rifle of this caliber. Additionally, it is available for the left-handed.

The Ruger Guide Gun is full of good ideas brought together in one firearm. I would list all of them, but it would take more time and space than I have here, so for now  I will focus on the highlights of this little beauty.

Short rifles, like the Guide Gun tend to have a lot of kick or recoil, so this firearm is equipped with a muzzle brake to tone it down a bit. However, if you don’t mind the kick, this rifle also comes with a muzzle weight which you can use to replace the muzzle brake, so there is no change in the rifle’s feel. Moreover, if you like a gun that’s light in the muzzle, you can remove both of these options and simply screw on the included thread protector.

The Ruger Guide Gun is stainless steel and has a nice, low-glare, grey finish on it. It also has a laminate stock that features a cross-bolt to hold everything together. Additionally, this rifle can be custom fit to the shooter, by using the adjustable butt pad. This piece wears a no-nonsense set of open sights, which is perfect for a gun like this.

The MSRP of the Guide Gun is $1199. While this a bit expensive for my taste, I have been known to have rifles along the same lines of the Guide Gun, custom built. When all was said and done with my custom pieces, they have cost over $1200. So for all of the features the Ruger Guide Gun offers, I think it is a good value.

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