Mossberg 835 With Mathews Harmonic Dampener

Mossberg/Mathews Harmonic Dampening SystemThe first time I experienced the technology of the Mathews vibration dampening system was at the range. Frankly, I wasn’t believing the hype, having tried many other systems that claimed to do the same thing but just never accomplished what they were supposed to. After the shot and to my great surprise, I barely felt a thing. Yes, my Mathews Solocam was the finest bow I had ever shot up to that point and I couldn’t wait to let the next arrow fly.

Oh, you thought I was talking about a shotgun? Well, I am now and while it seems to me that a lot of the first impressions that are out there on this introduction seem less than fair and more willing to wiggle the finger of shame at Mossberg, I personally will reserve judgement until I’ve actually fired the thing.


Enter the Mossberg model 835 pump action shotgun with Mathews Harmonic Dampener built into the stock. The theory being that after the gun fires and the recoil moves back through the firearm and into the stock, the dampening technology will absorb up to 20% of that shock and whip it through the weighted, rubberized, circular dampener (see picture). Whatever remains of this shock will then be addressed by the improved recoil pad that Mossberg is fixing on there, with the hopes that by the time said shock reaches your shoulder, it will be nary a shake.

Seven models are expected to be available at launch, including a tactical model and I’m sure everyone will be clamoring to get their hands on one to prove the concept or debunk it as another useless bell or whistle. Considering that Mathews does know what they are doing (I DO own that Mathews Solocam) and that they can noticeably reduce the vibration using a similar technology mounted on their bows, I am willing to offer the benefit of the doubt. True, they have never offered anything in a line of firearms before, but hey–Singer Sewing machines used to make 1911’s, right?

Not to mention, with the combination of an improved recoil pad, if this system even reduces the recoil marginally, rather than a full 20%, would that still not be worth it? I mean, how many of us bear down, squinting, gritting our teeth in anticipation of that turkey load going off ? If it can save me from the broken clavicle, then I am willing to give  Harmonic Dampening Technology (HDT?) a fair shake.

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