Cleaning Your Revolver

Revolver Cleaning 300Does your revolver have that “not so fresh feeling”?
Do your hands look like you’ve been working in a coalmine after shooting?
Has your trigger gotten so hard to pull that veins show in your forehead with every shot?

Then you, my friend, have a filthy revolver and I’m going to tell you how to get the most cleaning action with the smallest investment of time and money.

Here is the short list of materials you will need:

  • A cleaning pad, mat, old towel/underwear or anything that can protect the dining room table from what you are about to do.
  • Your favorite cleaning solvent.
  • A pistol-cleaning rod with appropriate brass brush attachment and jags for the caliber of your revolver.
  • A nylon brush for scrubbing. Even an old toothbrush works well.
  • Cleaning patches.
  • A semi-clean rag.
  • Gun oil of your choice.

You can always buy a gun cleaning kit of your choice. However, the list above includes the basic items you will need for making your revolver shine.

Steps to Cleaning Your Revolver:

  • Remove the grips. If you can easily remove the grips from your revolver, then do so. Trust me, your life will be easier. Set grips aside.
  • Solvent. Take your goo-ridden revolver and open the cylinder. If your solvent is a spray, spray down the entire gun. Yes, everything. Inside the barrel, all of the cylinder holes, inside and out. Now, let your gun sit for a few minutes, allowing the solvent to take action. To find the right solvent, take a look at our cleaning solvent guide.
  • Note:  If your solvent is in non-sprayable, liquid form, then saturate a few larger patches and soak down the entire gun with the solvent. Push the saturated patches through the barrel a few times as well as the cylinder ports to get a good amount on solvent in there. Let your gun sit for a few minutes, so the solvent can do its work.
  • Crud Removal. Now that the revolver has soaked in solvent, take your cleaning rod and attach the brass brush. Liberally soak this brush in solvent and run it through the barrel. Get in each of the cylinder holes a few times to loosen any crud. Never use a brush dry and always make sure the brush passes through both sides completely before pulling it back.
  • Keep Cleaning. Now take your nylon brush, apply a little solvent and scrub down the entire outer and inner surfaces of the revolver. Yes, your hands are covered in solvent and gunk now. You may want to keep another towel or rag handy to wipe off your hands. I advise this especially for you ladies that don’t like to get dirty while keeping your pretty steel clean.
  • Barrel Action. Affix the jag to the end of your cleaning rod and push clean patches through the barrel as well as each of the cylinder holes, until they come out clean.
  • Make it Shine. Wipe down the entire gun with the semi-clean rag until it’s sparkly. Once done, liberally apply gun oil or synthetic motor oil to all of the moving parts of the revolver. Make sure to oil those parts that meet other parts on the gun.
  • Protection. Finally, a thin wipe-down with gun oil on a patch will help protect all outer surfaces of the revolver. Wipe away any excess, and enjoy the shine.

See? Easy as pie to clean a filthy revolver and much faster than the 427 steps required to clean a semi-auto handgun. Keep your revolver clean and lubricated and your grandkids will be teaching their grandkids how to use and clean your revolver.

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