Archangel Mosin-Nagant Stock and Magazine

archangel-mosin-stockMy first rifle was a Mosin-Nagant M44 that I paid $90 for way back in 2009. Today they’re going for around $200 but you can probably pick up a nice 91/30 for $150. So while the Mosin may not be the amazing deal it once was, it’s still a great rifle at a great price and 7.62x54R is still very cheap to shoot.

So what could make the Mosin-Nagant even better? How about a the Promag Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock with a 10 round detachable magazine? Archangel showed off their new stock at this year’s SHOT Show and we were impressed by the attention to detail and innovation. Not only does the stock look great but it can accommodate a Timney trigger, the original bayonet, and adds a detachable magazine. The barrel is also free-floated but can be tensioned with a screw if needed. The great thing about the stock is it will allow you to “sporterize” the rifle without damage to your original wood stock.

There are only a few drawbacks that I see as a former Mosin owner. The first is that there is still no great way to attach a scope. Drilling and Tapping is still expensive and scope mounts designed specifically for the Mosin have a reputation of being a little flimsy. It would have been nice if the stock was built up and incorporated a mounting platform.

The other drawback is you will probably pay more for the stock than the rifle. As a result this setup would end up costing more than many of the rifles reviewed in our budget bolt action rifle comparison. In other words, if you have a Mosin-Nagant already or have a bunch of 7.62x54R lying around this stock would be a great buy. But I wouldn’t go buy a Mosin-Nagant specifically for this stock.

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  • Dcoil1

    I’m pretty sure 7.39x54R isn’t a real caliber.

    • TopGunReview

      Yup, it sure isn’t. Thanks.

      • Brad Thompson

        I’m guessing they meant 7.62×39? haha

        • Randall

          7.62x54r is the right caliber, if you put 7.62×39 in a mosin nagant you are gonna risk serious injury or death. Don’t spread inaccurate information. Just because my Mosin has a larger caliber than your AK you aren’t any less of a man.

  • Christopher Blake

    Have several Mosins from all those years ago. M44 turned into a “tanker” model about a decade ago, M38 is going to be an Archangel. Had an ATI on an old M59 that got traded for a … nevermind. Long story. Fact is, this thing looks awesome, and detachable mags seal the deal. The tunability with the barrel screw if it’s not right free float is wondrous, and I have a spare S&K Scout mount for scoping. I was going to wait for datamancer to produce that fixed 10 rd mag one or more of them, but this gets it done!

  • Andrew Hass

    JMecks Scope Mount, Rock Solid Ind turned down bolt/action screws/bedding pillars, and the Archangel stock and 10 round mag (as soon as I can afford to add them to my “budget” rifle). I think my Mosin can finally be called complete.