Smith & Wesson 642


The S&W 642 is a great gun, right out of the box. In this article I will discuss the specifications and why I choose this gun for my concealed carry weapon.

Out of the box, my gunsmith measured the trigger pull at 11 pounds, which is challenging, but a heavier trigger is considered preferable on a carry gun. The trigger is also a little gritty, which was easily remedied by partially disassembling it and polishing some of the moving parts.

Smith & Wesson 642 for Concealed Carry

642_imageI have spent the better part of 5 years trying to find the right handgun for concealed carry, during which time I have actually carried 3 different handguns before finding the Smith & Wesson 642. All 3 of these previous handgun choices were fun to shoot but were too heavy, and too large or bulky. They would make my back hurt and would make the concealed carry aspect of dressing myself extremely challenging. The 642, however, meets all of my criteria for a carry gun.

Fixed Action Sight Adjustment

File GunsmithingHome gunsmithing on your fixed action revolver will involve several needed pieces of equipment and tools.

  1. A solid vice with soft jaws is a must for holding the gun.
  2. A caliper, file, tape, and patience is required. I like using Swiss cut files with “safe” or smooth edges, as seen in this photo.


Low Shooting Guns:
If your gun shoots low, bullets are below your point of aim, you need to file down the front sight.

  1. First measure the front sight height, you can measure the overall height of the sight and barrel – you only need a reference height.

Single Action Revolver: Fixed Sight Adjustment

fixed_sightsBefore you decide to alter the sights on your gun, I have several steps that I suggest you go through to determine if you should have them adjusted.

  1. Start by determining the ammo you will be using. You should ideally have a load worked up and tested on the range, or have your favorite factory ammo picked out. Keep in mind that different loads will impact in different locations.
  2. Shoot your ammo on the range, on a solid rest, and see where it impacts for your sight picture. I suggest shooting at the average target distance you expect to encounter. I usually pick 10 yards.

ATG: Trailside .22 Competition Pistol

Trailside_22_imageDear Gunsmith,

My grandson has a .22 Trailside competition pistol that is giving us trouble. It seems that every tenth shot or so results in nothing but a “click” instead of a shot going off. The round seems to be going into battery correctly but there is no visible “hit” on the rim of the cartridge. We have taken the gun apart and everything seems to be fine, we have also sent the gun back to the importer (Jerry’s) and they have recently replaced the entire slide for us due to a previous issue with the firing pin. They also did a trigger job on the gun while they had it. I complained to them since, they have taken the gun back, tested it, and could find no issues, but this still keeps happening whenever my grandson or I shoot the pistol. We are frustrated and do not want to have to deal with Jerry’s any longer, but do not know what to do at this point. What could be causing this?

The Inside Story of the Black Man With A Gun

Black Man with a Gun copyGun rights activist, firearms instructor, podcaster and blogger, known as the Black Man With A Gun® has a new book out now available on in print and Kindle.

Reverend Kenn Blanchard started as a gun rights activist in 1991, when he testified in Richmond, Virginia on behalf of all gun owners in the Commonwealth. Back then, the right to carry for self-defense (concealed carry) in Virginia and most of the country was in need of reform. Kenn volunteered to speak for the underrepresented and victims of that system.

Tasco ProPoint Rimfire Sight

Rimfire BKRD3022 copyShooting .22 caliber firearms is a great way to get started in the sport, hone skills, or simply have fun getting a lot of trigger time economically. If you are more serious shooting your .22, you should consider improving your sights as well.

I believe a red dot sight offers incredible opportunities for your shooting experience. The tremendous benefit is its rapid point and shoot ability by simply placing the dot on the target and firing. Much faster than traditional front/rear sights, or worrying about magnification when shots have to be made quickly, the Tasco ProPoint Rimfire 1x30mm sight (Model BKRD 3022) is a good choice.

Bob’s Letter to Santa

Dear_santaDear Santa,

Hi, St. Nick. I’m just writing to see how you’ve been doing up there up at the North Pole this last year. Been having any problems with the polar bears? Now that there’s really a northwest passage, I bet it’s easier to get stuff up to the workshop. As for me, I’ve been an extremely good boy this year. I’ve made everyone in the neighborhood promise not to shoot at your reindeer. Sorry about last year… mom honestly thought they were caribou.

Thankful Thoughts 2013

ThanksgivingWith the onset of our holiday season barreling towards us faster than references to a runaway train, we should afford the time for a moment of reflection in what we are thankful for. In terms of our little microcosm of a shooting world, we have more than the second amendment and the NRA to be thankful for. Personally, and I do believe that “personal” has to be what giving thanks is all about, I am thankful for several things related to my sport.

Ruger 22/45

Ruger_22_45_LiteWith the current, diverse, selection of Ruger (NYSE:RGR) products on the market, it might be hard to imagine a time when there was only one Ruger model that graced a store’s gun racks.

Way back in the late forties, just after Bill Ruger successfully built a Nambu pistol clone in his garage, he arrived at the idea that the world needed a really good 22 pistol. He teamed up with Alexander Sturm and the company we all know today came about.